Freedom and Flow Testimonials from Carolene’s clients

“I recommend Freedom and Flow with Carolene Miller to anyone looking to improve their posture, reduce pain, increase freedom of movement, and improve their riding. As both a personal trainer and a rider, I have a strong understanding of the relationship that exists between posture, freedom of movement, and function. Carolene has an amazing ability to see where misalignment exists and to illustrate how to correct alignment and create balance. This balance has a direct impact on movement both on and off the horse. The rider feels freer, and therefore the horse feels freer!”

Katie Mital, Owner
Katie Mital Personal Fitness

Dear Carolene,
“Just a note to thank you for what you did for me years ago. I was around 52 at that time and had suffered back issues since my high school days. That was about 15 years ago and I have not suffered any back pain, save for minor aches and strains, since your help.”

“I was fairly amazed when you could tell how I carried myself only from the sound of my footsteps across your hardwood floor without laying eyes on me.”

“Who could ever imagine that a 50 year old cowboy would need to be taught how to walk, but that is what you did.The little techniques you taught me were fairly simple. I still work with them from time to time. Kind of like riding a horse. Always work on the basics and everything else will fall in place.”

“Thank you my friend for helping me out. I often tell folks; “Carolene saved my life.” I believe that, for I am certain that had you not shown me a good way my back would have deteriorated unto a life of misery.”

Charley Snell

“For anyone who is serious about riding and carriage driving position, Carolene will use her in-depth knowledge of Alexander Technique, anatomy, equestrian sports (including dressage and jumping) to help you align yourself and maximize your athletic potential in the saddle or behind the lines, thus helping you to communicate more effectively with your horse. Her expertise is not limited to equestrian endeavors…. She can help anyone use their body more effectively in daily life, minimizing wear and tear!!!”

Tina Steward

“After two knee replacements, I went to 3 different Physical Therapists and one Personal Trainer and asked them to teach me to walk normally again. I received exercises to strengthen, but not help on walking correctly. Finally I went to Carolene Miller who was able to help me! She has been able to teach me correct alignment of my body, and how to use muscles and positioning to make everyday life easy.”

“Carolene is so sincere, delightful, and so much wants to help.She is kind encouraging but not judgmental. These qualities have made it very easy for me to work with her. Carolene has been of so much help to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Patty Dewey