Carolene Miller, Alexander Technique Teacher

Carolene Miller, Alexander Technique Teacher

If you are here on this site, you are probably suffering from pain and it has limited your movement and the ability to do the things you love. That was me as well. My own suffering is what led me to learn the Alexander Technique which I now teach my clients.

Let me tell you a little about my story.

I was an extremely active young person whose passions included track, soccer, hockey but most of all horseback riding and competing. Throughout my high school years and into my early 30’s 3 day eventing, one of the most  grueling of equestrian sports was my passion. I was quite good at it, unbeknownst to me however I had a congenital back condition that was wearing and tearing away as I pursued this passion. I knew I was in pain most of the time of course, but felt it was a “no pain no gain” kind of situation and that I should just grin and bear it.

I spent many hours at my chiropractor’s office and bless his soul he was very helpful but I kept re-injuring myself to the point of extreme frustration. Finally one day my fellow eventing friend mentioned that her father was learning this “method” called Alexander Technique, that it was a 3 year program and he was only in his second year so couldn’t “officially” work on anyone and also couldn’t take reimbursement, right up my alley, so I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Wow … the rest is history.

I discovered with his very generous support that over the course of time I had developed extremely poor postural habits, which carried over into all my activities, especially the one I was most “intense” about … my riding. It was these habits that were inflicting much more stress and strain to my back then it could or should tolerate. Starting with a series of Alexander Technique “lessons” I was very quickly able to identify the habits that were the root cause of the pain in the first place, and how to move out of those bad habits into good new habits. It was in a very short amount of time after these first few lessons that  my body started “lining up” in a manner that was balanced and easy, giving me much greater flexibility and range of motion and wouldn’t you know it … my back pain was suddenly gone.

I was amazed that it was something I was doing to myself that was causing me all this grief!

Although changing habits that are learned over a lifetime is not quick or necessarily easy — it does after all require a conscious effort — the payoff is life changing.

It was because of those lessons and the results I achieved that I began my journey to help others discover how to enrich their lives with simply changing their habits. Unfortunately we very often can’t see our own habits and how they are affecting us — it’s the old “forest for the trees” adage which is so true. While I am a teacher, not a manipulator, so the ultimate responsibility lies with you, the student, and how empowering is that!I am extremely passionate about what I do and wish it were something taught early on in the school system so as to alleviate problems long before they start. I love working in a preventative way, catching these patterns before they develop into a painful situation.

I graduated from The Pacific Institute for Alexander Technique in 1997. I have had students from all walks of life, coming for all sorts of reasons, from improved performance, better posture, acting, voice, playing instruments, better golf game, running with more ease, public speaking, and of course just to get free of pain.