Benefits of The Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique helps musicians, dancers, singers and actors; in fact anyone in the performing arts to improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up spontaneity, manage stage fright and performance anxiety and reduce muscular strain and tension from holding or playing an instrument.

Improved self-awareness helps identify mental and physical habits that contribute to problems experienced and enables you to refine your performance technique and develop of a wider repertoire of skills to deliver the best possible performance.


F.M. Alexander developed the Alexander Technique over 100 years ago as a result of his search for a solution to his persistent voice and breathing problems when he was performing on stage.

He quickly became well known for his work not only with performers, but also with people suffering from conditions such as asthma and even tuberculosis.

Today the Alexander Technique offers improved understanding and coordination of breathing to athletes, singers and other performers, people with medical difficulties relating to breathing and also relief from panic attacks that affect the breathing.

Sport and Fitness

The Alexander Technique will help you in your sport, or simply to enjoy your favorite physical activities without stress or pain.

The Technique will help you become more aware of how you think and move.

Thinking in activity will improve your performance by:

  • improving breathing
  • reducing undue muscular tension
  • facilitating recovery
  • reducing the likelihood of injury
  • improving reflexes, balance and coordination
  • improving quality of movement and mobility

Relief from Stress and Tension

The Alexander Technique is profoundly calming.  In a stressful situation the Technique helps to organize our perception of the choices available. Learning to apply the Technique in this way builds quiet confidence and emotional intelligence.

The Alexander Technique has been found invaluable – often in conjunction with medical or psychotherapeutic treatment – in dealing with:

  • long term illness or disability
  • serious disease or injury
  • post-traumatic problems
  • panic attacks
  • chronic pain

Improved Posture

Learning the Alexander Technique can help to prevent or alleviate conditions associated with undue tension or poor posture.

These include many difficulties with pain and weakness, coordination and movement, and joint or muscle problems.

Examining the way we carry ourselves and hold tension, and teaching us to move more naturally and freely, can address the underlying cause of many such problems.

The Alexander Technique can enhance rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or illness. It can improve management of and pain, and provide coping skills for chronic illness and disabilities.