Alexander Technique: Practical Riding Skills

When we start working together we will begin off the horse and start by learning how to apply the Alexander Technique to practical horseback riding skills:

  • How to absorb your horses’ movement, at all paces, to allow him maximum freedom over his back.
  • How to develop your horses’ movement, at all paces, to impress the dressage judge.
  • How to stay deeply connected to your horse, at all paces, to maintain your balance.
  • How to allow the horses energy and momentum to be absorbed and controlled your body to keep your horse “on your seat”
  • How to communicate effectively, but subtly for changes of bend, direction, and pace.
  • How to use your back, for riding the half-halt, and encouraging roundness of the horses’ back and engagement of hindquarters.
  • How to sit and distribute your weight, for riding correctly on the right rein or left rein, to improve your riding of turns, corners, circles and lateral work.
  • How to correctly support your arms out of your back to create an elastic contact with your horses’ mouth, free of resistance or tension.
  • How to release your legs out of your hips and put your lower leg on your horse without creating tension elsewhere in the body.
  • How to use breathing to help keep the “down connection” and to ride resistance free transitions.