Alexander Technique for Riders

I offer riders the ability to look inside themselves to see what and how they are effecting their horse. Then teach them how to change bad habits.

I was born in 1952, but actually began my involvement with horses before birth as my mother rode, even fox hunted, with me in vitro.

I grew up in Middleburg Virginia into a horse family in a horse town. Both of my grandparents were Masters of Hounds, one in Maryland on the Chesapeake shore, the other in England.

I was fox hunting on a lead line at 5 years and off lead by 6, so needless to say horses are in my blood!

My stepfather trained racehorses and so I broke yearlings for the track and galloped racehorses, even jockeying in local steeplechases as a teen.

bend horse trainerWe didn’t have a lot of money so couldn’t afford to show my own pony but got lots of pick up rides in the hunters as a youth.

By the time I got to Madeira, a girls boarding school in VA, the eventing bug hit me and I campaigned through prelim.

Then the freedom of college, boys, drugs, and rock and roll took over, and riding took a back seat.

After college I moved to upstate NY and resumed eventing and got more serious about the dressage phase, which later became my passion leading me up to today where I find the intimacy of connection that dressage offers between horse and rider to reflect my joy of being with my horse. I believe each horse and rider need a lot of diversity to compliment their relationship so I also still jump, trail ride and horse camp and look for ways to deepen my connection with my horse in ways that are fun and rewarding.

I started teaching dressage in the late 1980’s, became a Centered Riding instructor in the mid 90’s and graduated from a 3 year program about body awareness in 1997, called Alexander Technique, which I have been teaching ever since then. I specialize in using┬áthe Alexander Technique for riders.

What I believe my experiences and education have provided me is what I share with others: the ability to look inside themselves to see what and how they are effecting their horse. To gain awareness of the habits they bring to their riding, some good some not so good, and develop new habits that compliment their riding and create more harmony, understanding and joy in their relationship with their horse, whatever their discipline. My primary goal is to bring back or enhance the joy one feels when one rides a horse, if it ain’t fun, why the heck are we doing it!